Exes, Jake Baron and Toluca Mendez, find themselves reunited in a familiar part of New Mexico - much to the delight of one and the horror of the other.

Forced together by unforeseen circumstances, they must remain there together, to try and unravel a paranormal mystery threatening to kill them both.

That is if they don't kill each other first...

In 2017, a leaked photo for the proposed show B+T hit the internet. Then the logline was leaked. This wasn’t a reboot, it was a revelation.

And from there the insanity began. 

Fans created a campaign aimed at Netflix to find the show a home, tweeting #NETFLIXforBandT every Saturday for a year. 

It trended in the top 5.  Globally. Every. Single. Time. 

Then, upon the release of a teaser trailer for B+T, the fans kicked it up a notch. They began flooding Netflix headquarters with actual boxes representing their campaign.  Packages of Tea + Honey began to arrive in droves. Tea for the "T" and Honey for the "B." 

It's 2020 and the fight continues with fans stopping at nothing TO GET B+T ON THEIR SCREENS...

​The people have spoken, now let's give them what they want.